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Here we have, straight from the horses' mouth (so to speak), advice from a male doctor telling men how to maintain a ‘sex only’ relationship with a woman.

If you ask him, it is possible.

(If you ask me, someone should hand me a housebrick to bludgeon this rampantly patronising and blatantly sexist goon over the head with).

How to Keep it 'Just Sex'

Q: Doc: I have a problem with women – not meeting them – just keeping things as “just sex” and nothing more. Every woman I seem to meet wants the relationship thing. Any suggestions?

A: Keeping things “just sex” (without using professionals) involves starting correctly up front. Frankly, most women are more interested in a relationship than just casual sex, but that’s not a rule.

There are many women out there who are too busy for a relationship that still want sex. Obviously, these women are your primary targets.

Let’s look at some of the options for sex-only relationships:

One night stands (“ONS”): Getting ONS’s isn’t as tough as you’d think. There are many women out there that are very good targets, but you have to be sure to have your skills in check.

For how and where to meet these women, and how to approach and how to close the deals, you need great information on how and where to work your magic.

Friends (with “privileges”): I’m sure you know how I feel about female “friends”. However, there is at least one major benefit to a woman that only sees you as a friend – as long as she also sees you sexually.

Keep in mind however that sex might very well ruin your relationship unless you work the ground rules up front, and even then, there are no guarantees.

Sex-only relationships: Finding women interested in sex-only relationships is more difficult because you have to go through a lot of women. There are clubs and even services that can help you here, but in general, you’re going to have to work these in the same way as ONS’s.

Ex-girlfriends: Have you considered going back to your ex’s? This is a great source of sex-only relationships! Of course, you broke up for a reason and you should be clear on the fact that you’re not interested in getting back together with her.

You have quite a few options as to where to find sex-only relationships, and as long as everyone is on board, and you use protection every single time, there’s not too much wrong with these. If you’re looking for sex-only relationships, you should let your target know this up front.

Having her find out later on (especially when she is looking for more with you) isn’t going to ingratiate you in her mind. Further, remember that women talk.

If you spend much time in any particular area (such as a local bar or club), you’re going to get the reputation of a player pretty quickly, which will shut down many other great options. Be clear about your goals up front and save yourself months (years?) of hassles later on.

I’d caution you however that if things get too serious for either of you, it’s time to move on.

Best regards …

Dr. Dennis Neder


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on Oct 04, 2004
UGh....................This Dr.Neder as well as his advice disgusts me. Although the reality of it is there are women out there that have low self~esteem and are in denial about it that allow this to be behavior they exhibit. It is unfornate to have professional's out there giving advice on how to exploit these women that are going through this period.

The doctor of course covers himself by stating to ensure you are upfront about your intentions prior to having sex with these women. In essence informing the men out there that it's ok to think of women as objects to fulfill your selfish sexual desires as long as they know your using them as an object that happens to breath. So I guess it's ok to prey on these women who are too emotionally inapt to fully comprehend the decision they made with the upfront information the man involved provided.

Have a good day~!~

~Peace,Love,Health & Happiness~ Extended to you
on Oct 04, 2004
What the hell do you mean--a nice restaurant, a show, and dancing later--get in the backseat, dammit!
on Oct 04, 2004
"Very good targets...close the deals...remember that women talk..." Good lord. I can understand why people, both male and female may be uninterested in pursuing a heavy relationship, but talking about sex-only relationships is pushing it a bit... what kind of a 'relationship' is this? Sounds like more of a business transaction. Why not just take the plunge and go the Sir Peter route and hire a prostitute? The results sound pretty much identical. Or is the male who appreciates this kind of advice just too cheap to cough up the dough?
on Oct 04, 2004
I skimmed a bit and could not for the life of me figure out why you had posted this crap miggy.
Then I re-read your intro and laughed my ass off. Your brick comments are brilliant!
on Oct 05, 2004
Why not just take the plunge and go the Sir Peter route and hire a prostitute? The results sound pretty much identical. Or is the male who appreciates this kind of advice just too cheap to cough up the dough?

Exactly the purpose of not hiring a prositute. All the sex and none of the those bills. Not that I would recommend it as a mattle of lifestyle choice and decisions. People will make those transations as a sex-only relationship without even bothering for a friendship, incredible? I mean the friends with "benefits" ok I can picture that at least you care about each other as friends. But sex only, its something out of Sex and the City, or Desperate Housewives.
on Oct 05, 2004
^* I was unaware editing comments was not possible so I am replying again so I can correct my typo of Unfortunate.

on Oct 05, 2004
I’d caution you however that if things get too serious for either of you, it’s time to move on.

Yeah, I bet this is a real doctor. He looks like a perv. (Oops, judging people on the way they look. Shame on me.) Seedy site, though.

If you ever need one, I could hand you a brick.

on Oct 05, 2004
If one has a friend with benefits in "my" opinion if this person is not their friend partner they are in a commited relationship with I think issues lay within both individuals of self~control. But I tend to be conservative in my views in regard to intimacy. In my opinion I think if your unable to form a commited relationship use your hand or fingers!~If you need accessories to take you where you wish to be there are stores.

Have a good evening~!~

~Peace,Love,Health & Happiness~

on Oct 05, 2004
I understand someone will probably flame me, but just try to think this way:

- prostitution is illegal, brings the higher risk of diseases and other hazards
- there are males and females who want 'just sex'

So, what's wrong with sex-only relationships (if none of the partners is cheating his/her wife/husband)? I'm married and am not searching for such a relationship, but I know people who are and I say: good luck to them. And if someone's advice helps them, why not take it? I take the advice of my massager for my bad back, but I don't want a relationship with her - just a nice and relaxing massage.

Additionaly, this discussion just serves to point out the problem with prostituion being illegal. If the sex was just another service you could legally buy, what would be the problem with that?
on Oct 05, 2004

"sex is like credit... the people who need it most can't get it" (sidenote)

*confession* - I'm guilty.  I've had 'friends with benefits' before... and what's worse, I'm not ashamed.  To self-righteous and pious individuals, sex is sacred.  But not all of us can uphold that standard.  We're flesh and blood, and some of us are weak... we give in to the temptation of the flesh.  So sue us.  Sex is fun.  Sex between two consenting adults is o.k... isn't it?

Should a doctor be giving advice like this?  prob'ly not.  Has he brought up a couple good points, prob'ly so.   

on Oct 05, 2004
Vanessa!! You're on the front page! Finally! This does of course mean you're appreciated in your own time though . *sigh*.

Still, I was so pleased to see it.

As for this goon Dr neder, can I join you in the bludgeoning?I'll bring my own brick...

Dyl xx
on Oct 05, 2004
uggg... utter trash
on Oct 05, 2004
While I find what he wrote abhorent, I find it funny that he doesn't actually give any practical advice on how to get these women! Just knowing that some women want a one night stand (oh sorry - I should use his abbreviation - ONS) doesn't mean that you are instantly going to attract them. What a tool!

prostitution is illegal, brings the higher risk of diseases and other hazards

In some countries. Remember that you are talking to people from all around the world who live in places with different laws to yourself. In places where prostitution is legal there is a far smaller risk of STD's than sleeping with the general public when there are laws in place that require the prostitutes to have regular testing. Illegal prostitutes will always have a higher risk of passing on anything.
on Oct 05, 2004
I am very opposed to violence, unless it's against men that continuously call women targets, so I now have a pile of bricks,ready for use!
on Oct 05, 2004
This is a reply to imajinit. My opinion in no way states sex cannot be fun! I am stating that my position is there is nothing more freeing then being in a secure relationship with your partner.

Have a good day~!~

~Peace,LoVe,Health & Happiness~ Extended to you