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My comments on the blogs that I have deleted the spam on look so funny that I fear I may to consider leaving a replacement comment there or some such thing. I can’t help but wonder what future readers may think upon encountering such ‘spam-edited’ comments long after the spammer itself is a bad memory.


Consider the perfectly pleasant exchange being conducted on my comments which was rudely interrupted by the spammer. The next person to visit was infuriated at the stupid spammer being there again, and began to abuse ‘it’. I then deleted the spam, thus resulting in a comment order much like this:



Comment #1:  ‘I really liked this, thankyou’


Comment #2:  ‘This was just what I was thinking of the other day. Good stuff !'


Comment#3:   ‘I can see your point. I utterly agree’


Comment#4:  ‘Yes, I agree with comment 2, this was timely for me, thankyou’


Comment#5:  ‘I always like these blogs of yours, mig’


Comment#6:  ‘Geez, you’re a moron ! .... I ’m so sick of this crap. Would you just piss off already ?’




 ... As you can see, I may need to insert “spam deleted” comments before an argument breaks out .





on Nov 10, 2004
!! I hadn't thought about that! He he he . . .
on Nov 10, 2004
I always tried to make it so if you deleted the spam, the comment would still make some sense
on Nov 10, 2004
I could see where that would be annoying, lucky for some of us so few read our stuff we don't get spammed Being anonymous can have it's advantages I guess.
on Nov 10, 2004

Here ya go, miggy....

on Nov 15, 2004

texas, neither had i !. i just deleted it in an angry tizz and then looked at what was left and said "uh oh" !

historyishere, thankyou. and yours still do look okay

psikotic, you wouldn't want this. i am barely writing at all now, and i got 14 comments from that stupid thing last night. my husband had to convince me to keep blogging, i'm so upset now. enjoy your spam-free blog. i will be over to visit you soon

mig XXX

on Nov 15, 2004



i love you, treasure. thankyou for the smile


mig XXX