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Published on March 1, 2005 By mignuna In Misc


I heard a guy on TV the other day say that the world was ‘basically divided into three types of people’.  


(This made me wonder what world he lived in, because in my world there seems to have been, oh, at least forty-seven types so far, and counting).


He further went on to say that these three distinct types could be identified solely by the way they behaved in traffic jams.


(Oooooh gawd, really ?. Well shucks, what’s next ... ‘Moon really IS made of cheese ‘?).


Apparently,  ‘Type 1’ people relax and put on the radio on to ‘wait it out’,  ‘Type 2’ people toot their horn and yell at the obstacle/s in frustration, and ‘Type 3’ people drive up footpaths (and in the wrong direction if necessary) just to ‘get moving again’.


Then he asked “Which type are YOU ?”.


(Which made me realise, I’m all of them, depending on exactly where I’m going and why. I avoid Type -3, though, excepting medical emergencies, but still, I’ve driven up a pavement when I had to).


Although initially annoyed with his 'diagnosis' (ie: I am ALL 3 types of person, which makes me sound like a personality pizza or something), as he further raved on, I realised that his silly theory could be applied to any number of things equally as boring, stupid and just plain irrelevant as a traffic jam.


Like a sugar bowl. (Yeah !. Intense !.).


Ahem, anyway, according to 'the' (aka 'my') ‘Theory of the Empty Sugar Bowl’, the world is divided into three types of people ...


‘Type 1’ people find the bowl empty and leave it that way. ‘Type 2’ people fill the bowl, but complain about it, and ‘Type 3’ people fill the bowl and don’t complain about it, but instead allow it to fester (along with other petty grievances) until they one day bludgeon you to death with a waffle iron.


So, which type are YOU ?



on Mar 01, 2005
Funny Article!!!

For me, I'm 3rd kind, except to me, if there's sugar left in the Sugar Bowl, then I didn't put enough in my Cereal Bowl!! ;~D
on Mar 01, 2005
Using your theory, I'm Type 2, looking at it from a "mommy" perspective. Since I always have to fill the empty bowls, bottles, etc., clean up after everyone etc., I do it and complain to them that I shouldn't have to do it.

And from the TV guy's theory, depending on the circumstances I'm mostly Type 1 and 2. I've done Type 3 on one occasion while driving, but not on a path, just as soon as I find a way to make my way, I squeeze myself through just to get the heck outta Dodge! Because there is THAT person infront of you who refuses to let anyone get ahead of them, even if they're going in the opposite direction! You know who you are....er, there's nothing festering....

But you are right Mig, there's gotta be at least forty-seven types out there, so far.....

on Mar 01, 2005
I'll be type four: I'll hunt down whoever didn't fill it, yell at them to fill it. Once they refill it I'll eat it all and refill it myself
on Mar 01, 2005
I would probably be type 2...complain and rant on and on...then fill it...lol
on Mar 01, 2005
On driving, I am mostly type 1, with a little bit of type 2 mixed in (minus the horn-tooting). On the sugar bowl, I would be either type 4 or type 5. (Type 4: Fills the bowl without complaining or festering because they were the ones who emptied it, type 5: Never notices the empty bowl in the first place.)

And then of course there's the well-known geek line: "There are 10 types of people in the world; those who understand binary, and those who don't."
on Mar 03, 2005
I don't even own a sugar bowl, since I don't like adding sugar to anything, so I guess I'm type 4- just doesn't get involved.

Good to "see" ya Mig.

Dyl xx
on Mar 08, 2005
I'm thinking I'm a three on the sugar... except it's a cactus, not a waffle iron.

Good to see you back.


on Mar 09, 2005

thanks for the comments you guys

parated, this would explain your high energy ! all that sugar

foreverserenity, you're right again !. forty-seven ... at least !

danny, thanks - i'll expand to four categories just for you

inbloom, i am also type 2. i fill it too !. then i whine on and on about it !

citahellion (aka my extra brain), i think there must be forty-seven types of sugar bowl abusers

dyl, it's a pleasure to see you too. but how do you live without sugar ?. inconceivable !

hey beebes, nice to see you too, and i can go with a cactus - i think it adds a certain something !

mig XXXX