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... i love nerdy men !
Published on March 15, 2005 By mignuna In Misc

I have a secret confession to make: I love nerdy men.

I love men who study stuff and take serious looking notes in cafes whilst frowning into huge textbooks.

I can’t help it !.

I love men who blurt out (sound but embarrassingly boring) theories at dinner parties !.

I also love men who know a lot of trivial but interesting facts, and who like watching nature and animal documentaries.

I love men who wear cardigans, who are too busy thinking to do anything about their gut, and who have obsessions with stuff like cartoons, computer games or ancient philosophers.

I’d pick the geek-guy fixing my pc over the buffed bodybuilt-babe-boy fixing my car anytime !. What can I say girls ? ... it’s the dawning of the age of 'geek-chic' !.


on Mar 15, 2005
This article is great news for me! If nerdy men are starting to be cool now, by the time I'm on the dating scene I'll be awesomely popular.
on Mar 15, 2005
njforever, to add to your fabulous commenting prowess, you're a nerd as well ! ... i'm certain you'll have no shortage of admirers when the time comes.

mig XXX
on Mar 15, 2005
njforever, to add to your fabulous commenting prowess, you're a nerd as well !

I guess I'm just the perfect guy.

i'm certain you'll have no shortage of admirers when the time comes.

Thanks. Hopefully, but you'd be hard-pressed to convince everyone I know.
on Mar 15, 2005
According to your definition, I'm a half-geek. I love reading and educating myself about new subjects, I do like dinner conversations that involve more than just localised gossip and gastronomic discussions, I collect comic books, I'm amazed by the amount of trivia I have tucked away and I really enjoy a good nature documentary.

On the other hand, I can't stand cardigans, I do keep in shape, I'm a dab hand with a spanner and I know more than the average bloke about cars and how to fix them. My wife is an original geek girl, though, so I must have something going for me.
on Mar 16, 2005
I'm half with you Migs. I love geeks (I have to - I'm one myself!) but only the ones with social skills. I know a few 'lovable' geeks that i feel more sorry for than affection. But I'm sure that there is a geeky girl out there that will love them too!

Maso - Sounds like you're a catch! You have a lucky wife.
on Mar 16, 2005
This is where you could have read the same comment again - because it's just that good!
on Mar 16, 2005
Three times???? Damn JU
on Mar 17, 2005
You're my kind of girl, miguna. Try this site: www.uselessknowledge.com. I know more about computers than cars. I'm a wealth of trivia. Frank Zappa said, "The geek shall inherit nothing." He was wrong.
on Mar 17, 2005
Look at me, I'm an international object of desire!

Comics, computers, classic literature, cartoons; SF, roller coasters, table tennis, frisbee (just enough activity to keep me from moving from "solid" to "fat"); cheesecake, chocolate, cryptography, and cartography; riddles, logic puzzles, crosswords, and clever quips. These are a few of my favorite things.
on Mar 18, 2005
Damn it, just when I go to all this trouble to become cool being a dork comes back into style. I'm always one step behind!

on Mar 18, 2005
I can't wait until I gain a few years and the women around me become more concerned with substance than with style! Seems looks and such still play a huge part for most of the women around me.

I can't wait for women to start appreciating the geekier guys, that day is my day of retribution to all the jocks and frat guys who have plagued me my entire (and short thus far) dating life!

I was told that the transition from style to substance starts around 26... 3 more years to go!
on Mar 18, 2005

 nj, you are the perfect guy ! (but no dating until you're at least 30 !)

maso, you DO have something going for you. in fact, i suspect you have a lot !

suz, you a geek ?. never !. ok. but a very stylish one. and i agree, 'mrs maso' is one lucky woman !

iconoclast ... thankyou, kind sir !. i loved the frank zappa reference !, and i've bookmarked the site !

These are a few of my favorite things
citahellion, it's official. you are 'sex-on-a-stick', oh clever one ! ... and thankyou for the 'favoUrite things' quote - i do love that song !

suspeckted, you're just geek enough. (you barely scrape by, though - i suspect an innate 'coolness' !)

zoomba, you hang in there lovely !. your time is nigh !

mig XXX

on Mar 22, 2005

you DO have something going for you. in fact, i suspect you have a lot

Thank you so much for saying such a nice thing, considering you hardly know me.

i agree, 'mrs maso' is one lucky woman !

No, I'm the lucky one, believe me. 'Mrs Maso" () is a fabulous, beautiful, intelligent woman and I am thankful every day.
on Mar 24, 2005
Amen sister, le geek, c'est chic. Dating men who are smarter than me tends to give me a slight inferiority complex...but at least I come out of it with a bigger vocabularly and a whole new base of obscure, and largely pointless knowledge.

Dyl xx