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Published on March 18, 2005 By mignuna In Misc


Is it just me, or is the world beginning to resemble a giant penis ?.


It seems everywhere I look these days, some new tribute to the male genitalia is being (pardon the pun) erected.


Just last week, a sculpture which had been commissioned for a park in my area was ‘unveiled’.


I had occasion to drive past said sculpture yesterday.


And it’s a giant penis.


The creators are calling it a ‘monument’, but I am not fooled for a second.


Folks can stand there ‘oohing’ and ‘aaahing’ as much as they want.


They can bang on about its being ‘solid’ or ‘powerful’ until the cows come home if they so desire.


They can even pretend it doesn’t remind them of a penis by attempting to say something totally unrelated to penises, like it has a lovely texture, and then realising that sounds like a penis after all and blushing.


It will still be nothing but a giant penis to me.


And it’s not the only one.


These insidious giant penises masquerading as ‘art’ or (even worse) ‘installations’ are spreading across Australia faster than you can say we need more female engineers in this country.


They must be stopped !.


In an attempt to swing the statue-balance a little further the way of the (apparently much less-popular as a tourist attraction) quasi-vagina, the ‘Giant Clam’ was some years ago constructed in rural New South Wales.


Interestingly, rather than stand there admiring the clam and pretending it in no way resembles a vagina, everyone who looked at it said the same thing: “Wow. That giant clam looks just like a huge vagina”.


This blatant sculpture-sexism must be addressed !.


Support gender-equality in your local community and build a giant vagina today !.


And I'd be willing to bet that nobody dares to ask you what it is.





on Mar 18, 2005
... thanks Migs for the laugh!

You know the ole saying it's not the size that matters... well Im here to tell you that that aint true! .. Build more penises!
on Mar 18, 2005
What someone should do is build a giant penis, but build it sideways. And across the street build a giant vagina to the same scale
on Mar 18, 2005
Heh! Thanks for the laugh, Migs. I bet you somewhere in the court system is a lawsuit to this effect.
on Mar 18, 2005

phoenix, danny & njforever, thanks

not just for these comments, not just for thinking my penis envy is funny instead of sad, but for your ongoing input and kindness as well. i love you guys !

mig XXX

on Mar 18, 2005
'tis funny, I like it.

I shall be off now to build a giant vagina....hmmm say that three times fast " giant vagina giant vagina giant vagina" that was fun.
on Mar 18, 2005
lol, Funny! But also, in additions to monuments, etc has anyone else considered the space shuttle is shaped like a giant red wang? Or ballistic missiles? Hmmmmm...
on Mar 18, 2005

has anyone else considered the space shuttle is shaped like a giant red wang? Or ballistic missiles? Hmmmmm...

yes ! or most buildings. or flagpoles. pens. planes. modern cars. penises, i tell you. all penises !

I shall be off now to build a giant vagina

fabulous ! remember to post the pictures !

mig XXX

on Mar 21, 2005
Haha! that was good mig! Maybe you should take a closer look at the sulpture and see if there's a switch saying Vibrator ON / OFF
on Mar 22, 2005
There is a really bad 70's porn takeoff of Flash Gordon called Flesh Gordon. I believe it features a penis-shaped rocket (my memory is not what it used to be).

I've spent a couple of hours at the Giant Oyster, but had no idea there was a giant Clam. The only thing I know about clams is if you heat them up, they spread wide open. Hmm, now that does sound like some girls I used to know

Thanks for the laugh, Mig.