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March 14, 2005 by mignuna
  Every article you read on JoeUser was written by an actual human being. Every comment you make on JoeUser will be read by an actual human being. And every article you publish on JoeUser will be potentially viewed by a lot of people, all of whom will have their own opinions about your work, formed through life experiences that you can never share. Your readers may be from another generation. There may be vast cultural and spiritual differences. Your blog may be your ‘pr...
February 25, 2005 by mignuna

I'm not dead !.

However, it's been so long between blogs that I now have blog 'stagefright'. (Or whatever the blogging equivalent of that is).

I never intended to stay away so long !.

It began as purely a 'circumstances' thing that morphed into a serious bout of laziness.

Needless to say, I have much to catch up on, and will most eagerly be doing so over the next few weeks !.

I can't wait !. It's good to be back !

Smooches to you all - you have been missed...
December 18, 2004 by mignuna

Before anybody sees it and freaks out, I wanted to advise that I have just seen the spammer hit one of my old articles, and I'm emailing the link to T-Man right now, as well as posting in the 'Forum Bug Reports', so don't worry.

I'm sure the spammer will soon be thwarted again !


December 18, 2004 by mignuna
 I ‘slept funny’ last night, and I am now faced with a day full of awkward movements caused by the resultant stiff neck. (In fact, I slept so funny that I want to go and have a nap right now ... and I only got up two hours ago !). I watched a TV program recently where a male comedian described how, as a teenager, he would hear his (then aged mid-thirties) father complain every morning that he ‘slept funny’. The father would enter the kitchen for breakfast each day rubbin...
December 14, 2004 by mignuna
 It was my husband’s ‘work’ Christmas party last Saturday night and he made me go.  We have had the same petty argument every year since we married about his festive ‘business’ functions.   I hate them.  My idea of hell is meeting 25 people at once. (My husband, on the other hand, considers socialising to be normal !. The nerve !).  Despite my reservations, the event itself was not going too badly until after the meal was completed. At which time some...
December 12, 2004 by mignuna

Do you give much consideration to your underwear ?.

(The reason I ask is that I have just been locked outside in mine, and this has given me pause for reflection).

Yes, I saw my husband to the door when he was leaving for work this morning, and as he stepped outside, he pointed out a huge bloom on a plant I had been coaxing into flowering for months.

As he called my attention to it, I stepped outside the door for just a moment to admire my flower, and it slammed shut. (The d...
November 9, 2004 by mignuna

I am receiving a lot of comments regarding the spammer, so I want to clear something up. I am doing my best to manage it, but it's not easy. There is a limit to what I can control. To be honest, I'm also becoming distressed about being constantly asked to change my blogs to 'no anonymous comments' or to 'delete the spam'.

These are old blogs. They show up on my post list in the forum view. Comments CANNOT be deleted from this view, and the time required to chang...
October 31, 2004 by mignuna
 It's scary, but it's true. Sleep-blogging is on the rise. See for yourself ...  Reply By: Sally jacobs Next, people will be sleep blogging! I think I may actually already do that! Reply By: mignuna  sal, i think i did that last night with the 'friday five'  Reply By: historyishere  Sleep-blogging... a much less exciting form of intimacy..... Reply By: mignunatrue, historyishere. in sleep blogging versus sleep bonking, sleep blogging is the clear winner on...
October 20, 2004 by mignuna
  Many, many moons ago, in my single-girl days, there occurred an incident that to this day is probably still the single funniest thing that I can recall from my ‘youth’. Several friends and I were at a dodgy-yet-packed-to-the-brim bar in Sydney, when my girlfriend Tania caught the attention of a rather handsome boy. In due course, said boy casually sauntered over and began a conversation with her. As soon as the boy had gone to visit the bathroom, Tania leaned over to me and...
October 15, 2004 by mignuna

Hello, Mr. Blog Spammer, it's me, Miggy.

Remember me ? ... I'm the owner of the blog that you spammed last night.

Congratulations. Everybody that read my blog today went away with the shits thanks to your Viagra ads.

Mr. Blog Spammer, I do not want any Viagra.

Neither do I want a cheap holiday in Outer Mongolia.

I also do not want any sex toys, exotic seeds, work-from-home jobs or "once-in-a-lifetime opportunities".

All that I want, actually, is for you to most f...
October 2, 2004 by mignuna
these very words you now do read, were by lack of my clothing freed
(so, you may think this very rude, but i am blogging in the nude !)

i rise and quickly shut the blind, (no lucid thought will grace my mind)
made braver by the coming night, i ditch my gear in failing light !

i perch gingerly on my chair, and wait for inspiration there
(the phone rings and my tea is spilt in clumsy and pre-emptive guilt !)

i force my brain back to my task, which really is a major ask
('cause my mi...
September 30, 2004 by mignuna

In the interests of freeing our creative spirits of their material bindings or something really heavy and funky and hopefully non-boring like that, I propose that we on JU have the first ever official "Blog In The Nude Day" (aka "BITND" for short).

I further propose that we celebrate our 'bare blogging' on this day by using our nakedness as a metaphor for our spiritual lightness, and pour forth into our respective blogs the light and love this fills us all with !. Yeah !.

September 29, 2004 by mignuna
On my recent birthday, I had nothing on. Three days after my birthday was our wedding anniversary, and I had nothing on then, either. No, I wasn't naked. I just really like having nothing on. I enjoy the freedom it allows me. I would have nothing on every day if I could.

People hate this. On your birthday, and other such occasions, it is pre-requisite of having humans as family members that you must have a fuss. If you fail to create said fuss yourself, one will doubtless be created on you...
September 25, 2004 by mignuna
hi, this is vanessa's friend, Jaz. I am 9 years old i am from coffs harbour. i go to tyalla primary school. i now vanessa because my dad plays in a band with mick and vanessa is good friends with mick. i am at vanessa,s house now. my birthday is on the 13th of october. that makes me a libra. What is your star sign?and whats your name?
September 24, 2004 by mignuna
My husband, I must admit, doesn't actually read my blog much. It's not that he's not allowed to, I think it's more that he lives with me everyday and won't find much there he doesn't already know.

I do show him the occasional article of mine, generally one of the 'art' forum ones, if I'd like him to read it, and we tend to leave it at that.

So I've often wondered ... do other JU bloggers have partners that read their blog, perhaps on a regular basis, or even have partners that are fello...